About Us


About Mozy's Shawarma

Mozy's Shawarma has been serving up its popular delicacies since 2008. We are known by many as having the best tasting Shawarma in the city. We encourage you to look around on-line or talk to your friends and find out what people are saying about the “Mozy's Shawarma Experience” that sets us aside from the rest.

Mozy's Shawarma restaurant operation comes from a long line of experience in Middle Eastern foods and preparation. Great pride is taken not only in the healthy, always-fresh food we serve, but also in the great amount of wonderful people who call us their “kitchen away from home”. That trust in us is held dearly and we always strive to make everyone feel welcome as we share our passion for great food, friends, and family.

Everyone at Mozy's Shawarma would like to invite you, your friends and family to join us for a true taste of our tradition and all that it has to offer. We look forward to serving you!


Our food is very high quality - it is made of fresh ingredients, and crafted with perfection.


We have a very nice and professional staff throughout our store.


Not only do we give great quality and service, but you'll also get it at an affordable rate!